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Integration: Part One, Deconstructing Integration

Syed Haider 18 Min Read

...the discourse is not shaped by everyone equally, and thus the very discourse that seeks to explain and discuss the topic of integration, ends up establishing a differential of power...

Finding Fault

Ahmed Ali 12 Min Read

Last week, Dr Farhan Nizami was quoted by the Telegraph1 as saying that Muslim parents are to blame for leaving their children open to the lure of ‘Islamic extremism’. However, any individual

Strangers in our Midst

Ahmed Ali 50 Min Read

Abdullah Quilliam titled ‘Shaykh-ul-Islam of the British Isles’ by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, was a 19th century convert of English descent, and was also the Turkish Consul and Persian Vice-

Al-Hijamah: Cupping Therapy

Kaleem Ullah 9 Min Read

Introduction Allah the Most High stated in surah An-Najm: And he does not speak of his own desire. It is but an inspiration inspired. Taught to him by the firm and powerful1

Qur’anic Attitudes to Pre-Islamic Society and Customs

Muhammad Jinani 17 Min Read

 “We were a people of Jahiliyyah, worshipping idols, eating the flesh of dead animals, committing abominations, neglecting our relatives, doing evil to our neighbours and the strong among us would oppress the

Ruining a Community: A Cyclical Process

Ataullah Parkar 12 Min Read

Muslims in the UK have been extremely assertive over the past two decades in dismissing media representations and stereotypes which seek to demonise Islam. If there is ever to be a decline