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Counter-Terrorism Bills should make us safer. This one will do the opposite

The Independent 0 Min Read

Parliament is about to vote on a Bill that could knowingly place British citizens at risk of torture. You might think the timing was a little awkward. Continue reading on The Independent

A worrying new anti-terror law is sneaking through Parliament – Angela Patrick

Editor 1 Min Read

As the world’s press and public stand vigil in support of Charlie Hebdo and the families of the victims of Wednesday’s attack, we wake this morning to reports that our security services

Counter-terror bill published, slammed by civil liberty groups

RT News 1 Min Read

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill was published on Wednesday, introducing major measures to tackle terror plotters and backers, including plans to stop British jihadists from returning to the UK and others from

Counter-terrorism and security bill: necessary or draconian?

Middle East Monitor 1 Min Read

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, introduced to the Commons yesterday, is intended to counter the threat posed by Islamic State (Isis) and the increasing number of Britons travelling to Iraq and Syria

A Quick Guide to the Proposed CTS Bill

Editor 4 Min Read

A Quick Guide to the  Proposed Counter Terrorism & Security Bill - GUIDANCE DOCUMENT taken from the newly launched site www.stopthebill.co.uk The new bill makes the following proposals: 1.    Seizure of

What the Counter Terrorism Bill Means for British Muslims [Video]

Sheikh Shams Ad Duha Muhammad 1 Min Read

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cgVehx6iV8 Shaykh Shams Ad Duha discusses the counter terrorism bill and what it means for British Muslims in the video above on Jumu'ah 3rd Rabi al Thani 1436 / Friday 23rd January