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MLK: I have a dream…to be an extremist

Z A Rahman 16 Min Read

Before discussing Dr Martin Luther King Jr., there are a number of matters I wish to raise. Some of what I am about to say may come across as a little radical,

Mobile Surveillance Officers in the Streets!

Editor 0 Min Read

An unabashed advert to recruit spies for the security services. Are we drifting more and more towards the police security state depicted by the pen of George Orwell? Is the sensationalist term, 'national

#StopTheBill Khutbah Campaign

Editor 17 Min Read

Jumuʿah Khutbah template related to the Counter Terrorism Bill [Note; For more detailed information on #StoptheBill visit www.stopthebill.co.uk . The PDF version of this khutbah can be downloaded and printed of by

#StopTheBill | Peter Hitchens speaks out against the CTS Bill

Editor 1 Min Read

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vN-bp4DFl0   Liberty is absolute. If you give it away for any purpose it's gone forever. Author and Mail on Sunday columnist, Peter Hitchens, slams the CTS Bill currently being rushed through

Anti-terror bill a threat to academic freedom, MPs tell Theresa May

The Guardian 0 Min Read

Universities should be exempt from a new counter-terror duty that could seriously restrict academic freedom of speech, MPs and peers have told the home secretary, Theresa May. Continue reading on The Guardian

Counter-terrorism and security bill: proposals and pitfalls

The Guardian 0 Min Read

The counter-terrorism and security bill to be published on Wednesday will be the seventh major counter-terror law introduced in Britain since 9/11. It will be the first to introduce major coercive measures