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Zionist regime “authorises” nine illegal West Bank settlements

On Sunday, the occupying Zionist entity attempted to legalise the illegal, by "approving" nine West Bank settlements.

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Is Benjamin Netanyahu set to come back from the brink?

Netanyahu is seeking to make a leadership comeback whilst under multiple fraud investigations.

Are America & Israel Invincible?

Z A Rahman compares the racist and genocidal histories of "nations" that think they will remain forever...

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Did Netanyahu just respond to his own arrest petition?

If you haven't signed yet, click here to sign the petition and help it reach 100,000 With the petition calling for the arrest of war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu on his visit to the UK rushing to 100,000 signatures, the Government has already mustered together a quick reply, click here to

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Petition demanding Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrest

[button color="gray" size="medium" link="https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/105446" target="blank" ]Sign Petition A petition to Parliament created on the 7th August calling Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London next month has now reached 53,000+ masha Allah and we urge every reader to sign and share the link to