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FOSIS continues “Dismantling Islamophobia” tour despite institutional pushback

FOSIS targeted with Islamophobia as it continues "Dismantling Islamophobia" university speaker tour.

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We stand with Shaima Dallali following politically motivated NUS dismissal

NUS President Shaima Dallali has been removed following a politically charged campaign against her position.

Student Muzlamics | FOSIS on Unscripted #63

In this Muslim student special, Salman is joined by the FOSIS President and Vice President.

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In memory of a founding father of the Irish Muslim community – Dr Yusuf Vaizie

"On 23rd January (Friday) 1959, a general meeting was held at Koinonia House with the purpose of deciding whether or not to form an Islamic committee..."

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The assault on university Islamic Societies

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a university student in the UK is that there are an array of different student societies that cater for various groups and activities which can range from the ordinary to the zany – you may see, for example, an Economics Society yet

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Bashir Osman: A death worth living for

The most certain concept in life is death. But the uncertainty lies in not knowing when and how it will occur. This is a very uncomfortable truth except to the believing Muslims who prepare ample provisions for the Hereafter and who are in great hope of meeting their Lord with a book full of