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Ugandan Muslims brace for enhanced monitoring of madrasas

Madrasas in Uganda are preparing for deeper scrutiny from intelligence agencies after it emerged that the majority are unregistered.

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Dewsbury pub gives way to new Islamic centre and prayer room

A disused Dewsbury pub is being demolished to pave the way for a new Islamic centre and prayer room.

Europe Featured Opinion Politics UK 13 Min Read

The Hypocrisy of Attacking Muslim Schools for “Segregation”

"Are we to believe that segregation for the non-Muslim ruling class is okay but it has a negative impact on Muslim children?"

Current Affairs Europe Featured Opinion Politics UK 9 Min Read

“Segregation” of boys and girls in Islamic school ruled unlawful

...in the same week as a BBC investigation revealed shocking institutional failures surrounding an explosion in child-on-child sexual abuse in mixed schools across the country...