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Has Imran Khan played his last innings for Pakistan?

Following Imran Khan's jail sentence, Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think-tank Ayaan Institute, explains what's happening in Pakistan.

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#100 Celebrating 100 Episodes! Why Pakistan’s Dawah Scene Deserves Recognition

We mark our 100th milestone episode in Lahore, Pakistan with a special gathering of faces who have helped the Unscripted Podcast become what it is today.

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Former Pakistani president Musharraf dies aged 79

The former army chief and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, has died at the age of 79, after a long-term illness.

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“Why are they wearing shorts?” – The Question That Shook Pakistan

Journalist Rafiq Khan faced a fierce backlash for asking about Pakistani women’s football team’s kit

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Pakistan Hit With Devastating Floods

Devastating floods have left a third of Pakistan under water. Officials have stated this year’s floods are on par with those of 2010, the worst on record, and on August 26th Pakistan declared the flooding's a national emergency.

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Imran Khan Faces a “Foreign Conspiracy” to Overthrow Him

While his supporters will call it resolve and his critics will call it stubbornness, Imran Khan has proved once again that he will not succumb to either national or international pressure to change his stances and policies.

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The Demonisation of Muslim Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

The story of Khan is not just a Pakistani story, but a Muslim one.

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“The Most Wronged Woman in the World”

It was Yvonne Ridley – the British investigative journalist – who uncovered the truth about Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s whereabouts, calling her “the most wronged woman in the world”.

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Green Pakistan Day

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan declared this year's Independence Day as being ‘Green Pakistan Day’.

Sh Haitham: Does the Taliban Have What It Takes?

The real challenge is not getting into power, but genuinely maintaining it, writes Sh Haitham al-Haddad.