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Hindutva Rioters Attack Local Muslims in Leicester 

Aneesah Rasheed 7 Min Read

On Saturday night Hindutva thugs marched through the streets of Leicester to violently provoke and taunt local Muslims.

Outrage across India as Hindutva gang rapists walk free after sentences cut short

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 5 Min Read

"Today, it has become commonplace for Hindu supremacists to openly give calls for genocide and rape of Muslims – without any consequences.”

India: The Becoming of a Fascist and Islamophobic State

Maira Mirza 9 Min Read

How has the Indian government marginalised Muslims?

India’s BJP held to account for insulting remarks against Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Maira Mirza 6 Min Read

What if Muslim nations were similarly rapid to act against the ongoing and severe cases of violence, systematic repression and persecution against Muslims and publicly condemned such acts?

UK Exporting Anti-Muslim Policies to Regimes That Tolerate Calls to Exterminate Muslims

Alim Hasan Islam 15 Min Read

Anti-Muslim policies are being shared by the UK with an oppressive government in India that tolerates calls to exterminate Muslims.

The Demonisation of Muslim Nuclear Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

Jahangir Mohammed 16 Min Read

The story of Khan is not just a Pakistani story, but a Muslim one.