Medicine Can Be Bitter – A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

“And you may hate a matter whilst it is good for you and you may love a matter whilst it is bad for you, and Allah knows and you do not know.”

Allah Doesn’t Break Promises – A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

Five promises Allah has made you that you don't want to ignore

You Can Feel Sins – A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

This maxim from the Qur'an highlights a natural impulse that all human beings have which we must control: the impulse to justify one's actions

How to Achieve Goals: A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

This Quranic principle means success in all goals, whether for your worldly life or hereafter

Words Have Power: A Sacred Truth From the Qur’an

We are excited to announce the release of a new series by our Tarbiyah Editor Sh Ali Hammuda, called ‘Sacred Truths’.

What Does Your Life Revolve Around?

Every single one of us has been brought up with our own set of principles. This means that we all have our own version of what is wrong and right, which is defined by our own shades of subjectivity.

When Prevent Tried to Recruit Me

What would your response be if the head of Prevent in your region offered you a "role"?

The Story of the Ummah’s Struggles. In Tweets

Concise principles to understand the crises the Ummah is going through If we understand the role that Allāh سبحانه وتعالى has created for the Ummah of Muhammad (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam), it will totally transform how we approach and react to the crises and conflicts that befall the Ummah. When Allāh and