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Scripture 8 Min Read

Mukhtasar Sirah al-Nabi Chapter 4

Zayd ibn Hārithah ibn Sharāhīl al-Kalbī; his son, Usāmah ibn Zayd who was known as ‘the intimate friend, son of the intimate friend’; Thawbān ibn Bujdud; Abū Kabashah of mixed Arab descent, his name was Sulaym and he was present at Badr; Anasah, he was of mixed lineage and from

The International Union of Muslim Scholars Demand Iraqi Authorities Cease Assault on Sunni Areas

A demand to the Iraqi authorities to stop the assault on Sunni areas, calling upon all to support and provide relief to those being attacked. All praise is due to Allāh and may peace and blessings be on the Messenger of Allāh, on his family and on his companions. As

Africa Current Affairs Politics Special 15 Min Read

Interview with the Imām of the Grand Mosque in the Central African Republic

The most notable Remarks that the Sheikh made during the Interview: The Muslims in the Central African Republic (CAR) have found themselves between the hammer of Christian missionaries and the anvil of misguided sects. The colonial era has largely marginalised them and there have been intensive attempts to weaken their

Middle East Politics Syria 5 Min Read

The Ugly Face of Assad in Homs

What was perpetrated at the hands of the Assad regime in the besieged city of Homs proves that this regime is following a policy of extending the conflict for as long as is possible while manipulating the international community. After pledging to evacuate the civilians in the city and to

Current Affairs Translations 16 Min Read

Juristic Principles Concerning the non-Mujtahid Part 4

Many times a mufti will resort to using very specific terminology pertaining to rulings. Therefore, the layman is required to know the various types of rulings, their classifications and consequences for acting and not acting upon them. This is part 4 of a series of articles. Click here to read

Islamic Law 14 Min Read

How to understand weak hadeeth

Many of the early scholars held the firm opinion that to act upon, or derive rulings from a hadith which has been declared to be weak, by the scholars of hadith is unacceptable. Their reasoning being that Islam has no need of anything weak, and the authentic material of Islam

General Islamic Thought Propagation 21 Min Read

Somalia Goes Hungry in the Month of Giving

Click to Donate to UWT's Emergency Somalia appeal.This is a summary translation of a Friday sermon delivered by Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad al-Haqil on 5/Aug/2011 in Riyadh, KSA. Some of the topics covered include selfishness, coarse hearts, the self-denial of the Prophets out of sentiment for the affliction of the poor,

Translations 7 Min Read

Juristic Principles Concerning the non-Mujtahid: Part 3

   If a layman falls into a situation and wants to know the Islamic ruling regarding it by asking someone, he must be aware that not every individual is qualified to be asked such questions. Rather there are specific conditions which must be fulfilled in order to qualify to be

Translations 9 Min Read

Juristic Principles Concerning the non-Mujtahid: Part 2

   If a person purely intends by his action worldly gains, he will fall into one of two categories, either the action is a type of worship that can only be considered an act of worship like prayer for example. In this case the action will be invalid and will

Translations 5 Min Read

Juristic Principles Concerning the non-Mujtahid

   Muslims in the West are in need of learning these issues just like any other group of Muslims. However, their need is greater due to the scarcity of scholars that they have. This becomes especially apparent to the one who looks into their affairs and is aware of their