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Scholars from Muslim group condone China’s genocide after staged East Turkestan trip

Following a staged visit, China's genocide against the Uyghurs of East Turkestan has effectively been backed by the World Muslim Communities Council.

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Türkiye re-emphasises refusal to extradite Uyghurs to China

The Turkish government has again reiterated its backing to the oppressed Uyghur community.

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An Ummah-centric perspective on China–Saudi co-operation

China's leader recently visited Saudi Arabia; Dr. Suraina Pasha offers an Ummah-centric view on co-operation betwen Muslim and non-Muslim states.

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Xi Jinping continues downward spiral to dictatorship

Xi Jinping pushes ahead in dictatorial fashion as Uyghurs continue to endure oppression.

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Leaked Government Documents Expose Xi Jinping’s Role in East Turkestan Genocide

The virtual Uyghur Tribunal hearing concentrated on the so-called Xinjiang Papers, which are also known as “Absolutely No Mercy”.