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Lionhearted diplomacy: the remarkable reign of Alp Arslan

Z A Rahman 21 Min Read

Sultan Alp Arslan was a just, generous, and pious leader; the lion of Manzikert, he was a warrior who performed a key role in overcoming Byzantine attacks on Muslim lands.

On the Road to Makkah

Hedieh Ansari-Shirazi 11 Min Read

There are numerous benefits to preparing for Hajj; for this reason, we should really live with this mindset in our daily lives.

Live Each Day as if You’re Preparing for Hajj

Hedieh Ansari-Shirazi 15 Min Read

As Muslims, we ought to live in this temporary world by remembering that we are travellers on a greater journey to the final destination.

We’re all going on a summer holiday… inshā’Allāh

Dr. Izzadeen Chowdhury 7 Min Read

Pack your bags, don’t forget your toothbrush, splash some cash! It’s time to plan your summer break! So the recent cold spell has got you dreaming of warm, sunny days and clear

Beating bad breath during Ramadān

Hussain Abdul 11 Min Read

Introduction This month is a sacred time for all Muslims when we are required to abstain from all food and drink during daylight hours in order to obey the one we love,