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Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak face resignation calls as police fine them over partygate scandal

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

A recent poll has revealed that most people in the country think Johnson should resign.

Pakistan installs new prime minister amid fallout of Imran Khan’s ouster

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

Scores of Pakistanis have been protesting across the country and indeed the world at what they describe as US-meddling in their democracy.

A Losing Game for French Muslims: Elections Amidst Rising Islamophobia

Maira Mirza 4 Min Read

Notorious presidential candidates are trying to out-racist each other while Muslims are caught in the middle

Uyghur pilgrims detained in Saudi Arabia at risk of deportation to China, Amnesty claims

Maira Mirza 6 Min Read

"And We made the Sacred House a sanctuary for the people," ... "Whoever enters it should be safe."

Imran Khan Faces a “Foreign Conspiracy” to Overthrow Him

Ehsan Latif 15 Min Read

While his supporters will call it resolve and his critics will call it stubbornness, Imran Khan has proved once again that he will not succumb to either national or international pressure to

Nuclear Genocide: China Dropped “200 Hiroshimas” on Uyghur Muslims

Abdulhakim Idris 15 Min Read

Researchers say China has dropped “200 Hiroshimas” worth of nuclear bombs in East Turkestan, killing and poisoning millions of Uyghur Muslims.