Alim Hasan Islam

Alim holds an LLB in Law and LLM in International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights. He was previously Head of Research and Development at Prevent Watch, a senior caseworker at Prevent Watch, and a senior caseworker at CAGE.
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Morocco reconquered Spain in 2022!

15 Min Read

In this final piece, Alim recounts various aspects of his experience at the Qatar World Cup.

A niqābi at a football match, surely not?

12 Min Read

Alim Hasan Islam's time at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar comes to an end, in this penultimate piece of a unique series.

Washroom bidets… did non-Muslim tourists figure out their use?

4 Min Read

Alim Hasan Islam is back with another diary entry from Qatar, as his journey edges closer to an end.

When a Sikh from Hounslow crossed paths with an Englishman in Qatar

9 Min Read

Alim Hasan Islam continues to pen his thoughts while attending the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Ever thought of wearing a bright orange thobe?

7 Min Read

Alim Hasan Islam pens his third diary entry while enjoying the 2022 World Cup.

Turns out that alcohol isn’t needed to attend football matches!

11 Min Read

Islam21c's unofficial sports correspondent continues his diary entries at the Qatar World Cup!

Sharing the teachings of the Prophet (ﷺ) at the World Cup

9 Min Read

Islam21c's regular contributor, Alim Hasan Islam, is attending the Qatar World Cup; hear what his experiences have been like.

What is Mohamed Salah really worth?

4 Min Read

Mohamed Salah has signed a new deal at Liverpool FC for £350,000 a week. But his true worth has been off the pitch.

Pilgrims arrive for Hajj amidst “disastrous” launch of controversial company, Motawif

5 Min Read

The new company in charge of pilgrims from western countries has seen a "disastrous" launch

UK Exporting Anti-Muslim Policies to Regimes That Tolerate Calls to Exterminate Muslims

15 Min Read

Anti-Muslim policies are being shared by the UK with an oppressive government in India that tolerates calls to exterminate Muslims.