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Editor 10 Min Read

As the proverb goes, ‘change is the only constant’ as it is in the nature of all that Allah has created to constantly change and adapt. The actual notion of change is

Mali under Colonial Assault

Ahmed Hammuda 11 Min Read

Amidst French government-led aggression against the sovereignty of Mali, a nation in the heart of Africa with a 90% Muslim population, genuine intentions behind such repeated intervention in Muslim lands becomes ever

Alternative Vote: Advice for British Muslims

Editor 23 Min Read

Click here to download a copy of this Report. Executive Summary On 5th Mary 2011, a referendum will be held in the UK to ask voters whether they wish to change the

Important Advice in Light of the Veil Ban

Editor 11 Min Read

In light of the ongoing anti-veil agenda we the undersigned would like to present the following important advice to the Muslim community here in the UK, irrespective of school of thought, sect