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Explosion in Manchester, Katie Hopkins reported to police

Members of the public have reported Katie Hopkins to the police following apparent calls to violence after the tragic explosion at a children’s concert in Manchester last night.

The Daily Mail columnist and LBC presenter posted a tweet which used the Nazi term for the Jewish Holocaust, “Final Solution”, directed at Good Morning Britain host Phillip Scofield.

“Don’t you dare” she told the TV host, who was presumably treating the issue with more nuance and care than she was comfortable with. She warned him, “Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution.” After which she proceeded to spell Manchester incorrectly.

She deleted the tweet and replaced it with a rewording of the Nazi slogan. She then issued a call to arms to “western men” in a tirade of anti-Muslim tweets:

She has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, who have said that it is too early to confirm whether or not an investigation will be launched.[1]

The explosion occurred when thousands of people, including many children and teenagers, were leaving a concert at the Manchester arena going towards Victoria Station. It injured more than 50 people, killing at least 22, including children.[2]

Police are treating the Manchester bombing as a terrorist incident, but have said that there is not enough information yet on the motive or who the perpetrator was. Greater Manchester Police urged the public not to speculate and interfere with the ongoing investigation.

The attack in Westminster earlier in the year also drew a lot of speculation of being linked to ‘ISIS’ which was then, embarrassingly for some, proven false after the damage had been done.[3]

Despite the pleas from the police and past mistakes, many are unfortunately opportunistically using this to vent hatred against people they do not like or to push an ideological agenda of securitisation.

Despite such abhorrent reactions from those who seek to perpetuate fear, mistrust and violence, the people of Manchester displayed a noble solidarity with those affected, with people offering those stranded at the venue a room to stay for the night.

There were also many reports of Muslim cab drivers, who are regularly subject to abuse up and down the country when Islamophobia is heightened, offering free lifts to people to get home after the trains were suspended following the explosion.

If you have any information, images or videos about the incident you can help the investigation by contacting the police, and uploading media at www.ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk  or www.ukpoliceimageappeal.com.

If you encounter any threatening racist or Islamophobia behaviour, attack or incitement to violence, you can report it to the police by dialling 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Source: www.islam21c.com


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  1. This explosion was perpetrated by a Muslim of Libyan parents who came to the UK in the 1990s.
    He was inspired, and perhaps armed, by ISIS, and was another loser drop-out, which is often the case.
    Can any further discussion on ISLAM21C please stick to the facts and not side-line details of the attack into irrelevant and childish” yah-boo-sucks” nonsense?

  2. Preparing for the real fake event? watch:


  3. Wonder if other Foreign Offices will issue advice against all but essential travel to Britain after this attack?

  4. How can they say that its a terrorist incident without knowing the motive! Rubbish i don’t beleive it . More inside job false flag rubbish.

  5. Seems like all that spying and intel and snoopin’ and poopin’ that the Brits have paid hundreds of billions of Pounds for just can’t get the job done.

    I guess they will have to lose the little privacy they have left and pay more tens of billions of pounds to still not get the job done.

    Maybe one day they will figure out that real intelligence comes from astute analysis and not from mass arbitrary data collection.

    Unless of course, this is just another government catalyst to Big Brother world.

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