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Jailed for 1 year after Facebook post calling for targeted Massacre of Muslims

Keegan Jakovlevs has been sentenced to a year in jail after calling for a reckless genocide of Muslims on Facebook. The 22-year-old admitted posting the message with the intention to stir up religion hatred. Jakovlevs posted the message publicly and it was accessible to at least over 2,000 of his

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Is LBC’s firing of Katie enough to combat Nazi ‘Solutions’?

In 1942, a sequence of events eventually culminated in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children; and it all began with the euphemistically termed “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question. That such inhumanity and manifest evil could be tolerated to occur in the world, with mass

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Explosion in Manchester, Katie Hopkins reported to police

Despite such abhorrent reactions from those who seek to perpetuate fear, mistrust and violence, the people of Manchester displayed a noble solidarity with those affected by last nights tragic incident...

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Daily Mail pays out £150k to Muslim family for Katie Hopkins’ lies

Katie Hopkins has apologised to a Muslim family after she suggested they were extremists with links to Al-Qaeda in a column. Last year, the Mahmood family, who live in east London, were prevented from boarding a flight to the United States to visit Disneyland in California with their children after officials in Homeland

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A response to Katie Hopkins’ recent outburst

Yesterday Katie Hopkins let loose a barrage of Tweets which disseminated some of the most vulgar, ill-founded, openly abusive, and unprovoked commentary a public personality ever has. Though one may try to argue freedom of expression in her defence, it is important to remember that such a freedom is not