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Is George Galloway’s win start of a sea change in UK politics?

George Galloway's Rochdale win shows that political parties can no longer ignore serious issues such as Gaza.

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Man City first Premier League club to hold Friday prayers

Manchester City have become the first ever top flight English football club to hold Jumu'ah (Friday) prayers at their training facility.

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Hear about the Stockport terror attack on Friday? Didn’t think so!

How is a decapitated pig's head not classed as terrorism? A Stockport mosque was the target of a recent attack.

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Muslim Apologism and a Neo-Islam

In the wake of any putative"terror attack", many Muslims can be seen sitting with bated breath, keyboards and phones at the ready, waiting to condemn...

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Is LBC’s firing of Katie enough to combat Nazi ‘Solutions’?

In 1942, a sequence of events eventually culminated in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children; and it all began with the euphemistically termed “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question. That such inhumanity and manifest evil could be tolerated to occur in the world, with mass

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Explosion in Manchester, Katie Hopkins reported to police

Despite such abhorrent reactions from those who seek to perpetuate fear, mistrust and violence, the people of Manchester displayed a noble solidarity with those affected by last nights tragic incident...