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Egypt court sentences 75 protestors to death

Abdullah Izzadin 4 Min Read

Amnesty International: “This can only be described as a parody of justice; it casts a dark shadow over the integrity of Egypt’s entire system of justice and makes a mockery of due

Shaykh Qaradawi to his imprisoned daughter: A year has passed and I haven’t forgotten you

Abu Abdullah Ibn Abdur Rahman 4 Min Read

Shaykh Qaradawi: “If I thought that putting in an appeal to them (the Egyptian authorities) would have worked, I would have done so, but they are completely heartless”

Reports: Arab nations seek to halt Turkish influence in Jerusalem

Abdullah Izzadin 3 Min Read

Saudi reportedly concerned that if Turkey is not stopped, President Erdoğan would be seen “as the only leader truly standing up to Israel and the Trump administration”

Nelson Mandela Foundation urged to withdraw Obama invitation

Ahmad Jomaa 4 Min Read

CAGE Africa: “giving this man a platform would be tantamount to condoning these actions, something that Nelson Mandela would surely have stood against”

Violence erupts in London as far right Dutch MP calls for Tommy Robinson’s release

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 6 Min Read

Tommy Robinson supporters hurl missiles and smoke bombs at police in violent protests...

Libya: Haftar continues assault on besieged coastal city of Derna

Abu Abdullah Ibn Abdur Rahman 4 Min Read

Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army advancing in the last major town in east of the country.