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Taliban seek to form “inclusive caretaker government”

Shaheer Choudhury 10 Min Read

In an attempt to heal divisions and bring the country into a fresh period of reconciliation and rebuilding, the Taliban have again announced that they intend to create an “inclusive caretaker government”.

Foreign Office overlooked fraught evacuation requests made on behalf of at-risk Afghans

Shaheer Choudhury 9 Min Read

The Foreign Secretary’s department paid no attention to thousands of potentially critical messages sent by charities and members of parliament, concerning the evacuation of vulnerable Afghans due to the extremely volatile situation

Western states dilly-dally over plight of Afghan refugees as Taliban consolidates power

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and other European states are expected to provide asylum to millions, as the Taliban continues to bolster its position as a government in waiting in the mountainous

Afghanistan: Taliban currently in possession of at least $1 trillion worth of natural minerals

News Editor 4 Min Read

Rod Schoonover, a scientist and security expert, said that “Afghanistan is certainly one of the regions richest in traditional precious metals, but also the metals [needed] for the emerging economy of the

Deposed president’s brother urges qualified Afghan acceptance of Taliban takeover

Shaheer Choudhury 6 Min Read

Hashmat Ghani, the younger brother of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, has cautiously encouraged Afghans to recognise the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Taliban continues breakneck advances while Afghan army falters

Shaheer Choudhury 5 Min Read

In this fierce and bloody contest, the civilian population are experiencing Taliban takeovers of numerous provinces, cities, towns, and districts, whilst the Afghan National Army struggles to counter the surprisingly resurgent armed