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Remembering Jamal Khashoggi’s murder three years on

News Editor 6 Min Read

This year marks three years since Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered. The journalist that entered the Saudi consulate and was never to be seen again.

The Jamal Khashoggi murder: Saudi Arabia condemned over ruling

Sana Mahmood 4 Min Read

"The ruling handed down today in Saudi Arabia again makes a complete mockery of justice."

Imam of Makkah faces backlash over Friday sermon as Saudi authorities continue to arrest scholars

Hamza Saleem 9 Min Read

"In his sermon on the importance of normalisation, proved to us that the shoes of Palestinian children may be cleaner than some beards..."

Saudi Arabia: US court issues summons for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Sana Mahmood 5 Min Read

A US court has issued a summons for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after a lawsuit was filed by a former Saudi intelligence agent who was allegedly targeted in a

Sh. ʿAbdul-Azīz al-Tarīfī acquitted of all convictions

Hamad Momin 3 Min Read

The official Facebook Page of Sheikh ʿAbdul-ʿAzīz b. Marzūq al-Ṭarīfī posted an update on the verdict of the Sheikh who was arrested by Saudi security forces last year. The statement which was