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Have Charity Appeals made us War Photographers?

Dr. Osman Latiff 8 Min Read

You have been seeing so many charity appeals... Have you become desensitised? Do you change the channel and forget? Have you become a War Photographer?

Crying in Witr

Abul Baraa 7 Min Read

Many people cry during the duʿā in witr. However...

The Forgotten Virtues of Suhūr & Iftār

Sheikh Alomgir Ali 9 Min Read

It's easy to forget and take these amazing acts of 'ibāda for granted

Sh Haitham on Tarawih This Year

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 22 Min Read

Can I pray tarawih at home if the masjid is open? Can I hold a mus'haf or tablet? How much Qur'an should I read? Sh Haitham answers our questions about fasting/prayer times

20 Health Tips for Ramadan

Dr Shafiul Amin 10 Min Read

Dr Shafiul Amin distils 20 practical health tips for you to make the most out of this Ramadan...

This Could Be Why You’re Having a Bad Day

Najma Juneja 8 Min Read

Have you ever wondered why you have a "bad day"?