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Islamic Ijara Mortgages by HSBC and Other Banks

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 23 Min Read

Let me first brief the reader regarding the manner in which the scheme works. Under the ijara (rental) variety of Islamic mortgage, the bank purchases a property selected by the client, following

The fires of the past: Israel

Ahmed Ali 19 Min Read

Her implication that whatever solution is brokered would have to be enduring is in and of itself a clearing of Israel from blame in the present state of affairs. Moreover, the insistence

Gods and Monsters of Our Own Making: Tell Me Who I Am

Syed Haider 24 Min Read

The conquering of nations, the extending of ones imperial and cultural influence is borne from an internal conviction of ones own superiority or the belief of duty to liberate, educate, or in