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Remembering the Urumchi Massacre – 5 July 2009

Why do Uyghurs commemorate 5th July?

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5th July: Acclaimed artist to lead live art protest outside Chinese Embassy in London in support of Uyghurs on The Anniversary of The Urumqi Massacre

Stand4Uyghurs Campaign Paints an Image of China's Genocide Against Uyghur Muslims Outside the Chinese Embassy on The Anniversary of The Urumqi Massacre On the 5th of July which marks 13 years since the Urumqi Massacre against the Uyghur Muslim minority in China, Stand4Uyghurs campaign will be holding a powerful live

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Nuclear Genocide: China Dropped “200 Hiroshimas” on Uyghur Muslims

Researchers say China has dropped “200 Hiroshimas” worth of nuclear bombs in East Turkestan, killing and poisoning millions of Uyghur Muslims.

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China Is Selling “Halal Organs” Taken from Uyghurs

Shocking reports from NGOs claim that wealthy Arabs are purchasing "Halal" organs stolen from Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps

The Uyghurs Invited Islam21c to Istanbul to Give You a Message

I wanted to wait until I got back into the country safely to write this...

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The People Declare China Guilty of Genocide

“The allegations are of the gravest human rights violations and international crimes,” said Sir Geoffrey Nice, the tribunal’s chair.

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National Solidarity Demo #Stand4Uyghurs

Prove to them that we have not forsaken them by attending a national demonstration of solidarity during the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

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National Khutbah Day: #Stand4Uyghurs

This Friday mosques up and down the country will be talking about Uyghurs inshāAllāh - download a khutbah template and mosque announcement to do YOUR bit. Will your masjid #Stand4Uyghurs?

President of Uyghurs on Unscripted #84

For the first time in #Unscripted history! While they were in the UK for the Uyghur Tribunal and G7 summit, President Dolkun Isa and Inspector General Abdulhakim Idris of the World Uyghur Congress joined Dr Salman Butt in a special podcast not to be missed.

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The Muslim Genocide in the Heart of Europe

Dr Uthman Latiff gives a haunting insight into the Srebrenica genocide which began on 11th July 1995 and became the worst massacre in Europe since WWll.