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Far-right Hindutva nationalists fuelled Leicester violence, finds new evidence

In light of new evidence, isn't it time the UK government started cracking down on the growing violent Hindutva ideology and its BJP-affiliated sympathisers?

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69 Hindus acquitted of Muslim murders during Gujarat genocide

Justice is yet to be served after the latest Indian court ruling acquitted 69 Hindus, including a BJP politician, of the murders of 11 Muslims during the 2002 Gujarat genocide.

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Fire at world’s largest refugee camp leaves 12,000 Rohingya homeless

In the latest trial for the oppressed Rohingya of Myanmar, a huge fire has destroyed thousands of shelters in Bangladesh's Balukhali refugee camp.

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Gujarat 2002 – revisiting India’s state-sponsored Muslim massacre

Today, we mark 21 years since the start of the devastating Gujarat Genocide of 2002, when 150,000 were displaced, and 2,000 mostly Muslim people were killed.

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Canadian lawmakers vote to accept 10,000 Uyghurs

Parliamentarians in Canada have passed a non-binding motion calling for the entry of 10,000 Uyghur refugees.

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Ukrainian arms firms propping up genocidal Myanmar regime

Dozens of countries are in cahoots with Myanmar's military regime, despite publicly fractious-seeming diplomatic relationships.

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Over 110 Rohingya given jail terms after seeking to flee refugee camps

The oppressed Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar continue to suffer from state-sanctioned abuses.

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Scholars from Muslim group condone China’s genocide after staged East Turkestan trip

Following a staged visit, China's genocide against the Uyghurs of East Turkestan has effectively been backed by the World Muslim Communities Council.

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“Muslims are at the cusp of genocide”, warns Rwanda atrocity predictor

Is India on the brink of a genocide against its 200 million Muslim population?

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Remembering Srebrenica 27 Years On

"As well as the unimaginable loss faced by the victims and their relatives, we must never forget that many who today claim higher values and principles, simply stood by and watched.”