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Has Imran Khan played his last innings for Pakistan?

Following Imran Khan's jail sentence, Jahangir Mohammed, Director of think-tank Ayaan Institute, explains what's happening in Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s Generals: Defenders or Traitors?

Praetorianism is in full swing as the Pakistani army top brass continue to crush PTI leaders, workers, and supporters, even threatening expats worldwide.

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Imran Khan arrested; army emerges from the shadows

After being targeted with over a hundred cases of terrorism and anti-state crimes, the PTI chairman Imran Khan has been arrested; here is some analysis.

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Former Pakistan PM Khan relatively unscathed in shooting

The PTI chairman and former Pakistani PM Imran Khan is recuperating following yesterday's shooting.

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Imran Khan Faces a “Foreign Conspiracy” to Overthrow Him

While his supporters will call it resolve and his critics will call it stubbornness, Imran Khan has proved once again that he will not succumb to either national or international pressure to change his stances and policies.

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Green Pakistan Day

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan declared this year's Independence Day as being ‘Green Pakistan Day’.

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Tackling Global Islamophobia

Is Imran Khan’s UN Speech a Turning Point?

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Kashmir Requires Statesmanship Not Showmanship

Ironically by being captured, Wing Commander Abhinandan may well have averted a war fuelled by jingoism and irresponsible rhetoric.

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Game Changer – Pakistan’s 2018 General Election

As a country, on paper, Pakistan stands as a giant amongst the Muslim world with immense potential to make its mark globally. 106 million there are expected to head for the voting booths on Wednesday.

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From Panama to Pakistan: A Beginner’s Guide

Despite its chequered history, this Muslim-majority nuclear power is a country with tremendous resources, potential and strategic importance...