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November is Islamophobia Awareness Month!

Islamophobia Awareness Month is now in full swing; check out what it's about and how you can support the campaign.

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The Psychology of Hate

Ever wondered about the deeper reasoning behind the emotion of hate? Ahmed Tomal provides some analysis.

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FOSIS continues “Dismantling Islamophobia” tour despite institutional pushback

FOSIS targeted with Islamophobia as it continues "Dismantling Islamophobia" university speaker tour.

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IAM begins as government carefree about tackling anti-Muslim hatred

Islamophobia Awareness Month has begun; the British government has shown it could not care less.

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Islamophobia – the elephant in the room

Islamophobia Awareness Month #IAM2016 Islamophobia has been described as “a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” Really? Women are having their hijabs pulled off as they go about their everyday business. Muslims are targeted with the liberal use of the P-word and the F-word and