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News News News Egypt News Turkey 5 Min Read

Erdogan condemns Sisi over mass executions 

Erdogan has called for the release of Egyptian prisoners and says he will “never talk to someone like” Sisi

Eight Labour and three Tory MPs resign and form new party

Many of the MPs who resigned are accused of being ‘Blairites’ and are in favour of the privatisation of basic amenities such as water and electricity and representing the “old politics of the 1990s”.

News News News Asia News India News Pakistan 4 Min Read

Kashmir Attack: Pakistan PM Imran Khan condemns threats of escalation by India

"Pakistan will not just think about retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate."

News News News United Kingdom 4 Min Read

Parliament has passed the new Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act into law

New bill will significantly increase powers of the security apparatus in public and private life…

News News News Middle East News Qatar 4 Min Read

Besieged Qatar wins 2019 Asian Cup

Muslims around the world celebrate Qatar’s historic victory over Japan in the UAE…

News News News Middle East 2 Min Read

Prominent Saudi scholar Sh Muhammad al-Mohaisany released

Sheikh Muhammad al-Mohaisany spent more than 8 months in arbitrary detention...

News News News Politics News United Kingdom 9 Min Read

UK Government’s widely discredited Prevent strategy faces independent review

“In allowing an ‘independent review’ of PREVENT to go ahead the Government has conceded that the policy lacks any trust or credibility.”

News News News United Kingdom 2 Min Read

Muslim student helped deliver newborn at Tube station

Medical student was first to respond and said it was a panicked situation…

News News News Middle East News Syria 6 Min Read

Kidnapped British aid worker rescued as criminal gang destroyed in Syria 

A British aid worker who was kidnapped by an international criminal gang in Idlib province has been rescued by the rebel group, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

News News News Africa 4 Min Read

Sudan protests turn violent as police fire live ammunition

Sudanese security forces fire live ammunition as demonstrations in the capital and surrounding cities continue...