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Abdul Sattar Edhi Returns to His Lord

https://youtu.be/f6ViPT7mNpM The Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu 'alayhi wasallam) famously said, "The best of people are the most beneficial to people." The ummah and the world at large today has lost one of its most beneficial and influential people, as Abdul Sattar Edhi (rahimahullah) passed away at the age of 88. We

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Muhammad Ali, supporter of Palestine denouncer of Zionism, dies

Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rāji'ūn To Allāh we certainly belong, and certainly to Him is our return. It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing away of the beloved former heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali (rahimahullāh) at the age of 74. Anyone who ever heard of him

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On the passing of Hafiz Patel Saheb, a pioneer of Da’wah and the UK Tabligh

“When the effort of Ḍīn is taking place, Allāh will make saints from a family of wrongdoers. And when the effort stops, Allāh will make wrongdoers from a family of saints.” Hafiz Patel (raḥimahu Allāhu) Innā lillāhi wa innā ʿilayhi rājiʿūn. Last night our prominent Jamāti Sheikh Hafiz Patel Saheb

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Condolences on the passing of Sh Haitham al-Haddad’s father

To Allāh we belong, and to Him we are returning. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of Shaikh Haitham al-Haddad whose dear father, Shaikh Jawwad al-Haddad, passed away yesterday after breaking his fast. Here is a video message from Sheikh Haitham taken a few hours ago as he left to

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Bashir Osman: A death worth living for

The most certain concept in life is death. But the uncertainty lies in not knowing when and how it will occur. This is a very uncomfortable truth except to the believing Muslims who prepare ample provisions for the Hereafter and who are in great hope of meeting their Lord with a book full of

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The Passing of Sheikh Harith al Dari

The Passing of Sheikh Harith al Dari - the Lion of the Sunnah For the Ummah to lose a great scholar and influential figure in times of strength and resilience is of the greatest of calamities. How is it then for the Ummah to lose such a leader in its

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Sheikh Mohammad al-Muqri has Returned to Allāh

To Allāh we belong and to Him we shall return It is with great sadness that we receive news of the passing away of the great Egyptian Dāʿī and scholar, Sheikh Mohammad Mustafa al-Muqri. Sheikh Mohammad lived his final moments in the Turkish city of Istanbul, parting the world just