Crying in Witr

Many people cry during the duʿā in witr. However...

Sh Haitham on Tarawih This Year

Can I pray tarawih at home if the masjid is open? Can I hold a mus'haf or tablet? How much Qur'an should I read? Sh Haitham answers our questions about fasting/prayer times and tarawih this year.

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A New Approach To An Old Dispute: Fatiha Behind The Imam

Sh Haitham argues that this 1400-year-old debate will not come to an end any time soon. So what should we do?

The Correct Time to Start Your Fast

We are approaching persistent twilight soon in the northern hemisphere, which means the technical fajr time is going to be moving RAPIDLY until it reaches around 1AM!

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“I don’t pray, but it’s in my heart”

"As harsh as this may sound, and as politically incorrect as it may be, I have full confidence and no hesitation in stating that whoever claims to be a Muslim, acknowledges Allāh as His Maker and Provider, and has an interest in being safe on the Day of Reckoning, yet

An Open Letter to Russell Brand From a Muslim Woman

“I’ve listened to your insights so many times and have found myself asking: how is this guy not a Muslim yet?” writes Zimarina Sarwar

Three Tips to Smash University

Osama Zubair shares some practical advice for students starting University

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Five Keys to Mental Health

Step away from the noise and reflect on these five keys to good mental health

One God Many Names | Al-Hafīdh (The Ever Preserver)

Whether it is the welfare of one’s children that keeps him up at night, or the prospect of losing health, or even the fear of losing īmān, the name Al-Hafīdh was taught to humanity as solace to their fears and answers to their worries.