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Islamophobia report says Muslim states have failed Uyghurs

In a new paper, the Centre for Uyghur Studies has sharply criticised Muslim countries for alleged inaction in calling out the decades-long Uyghur genocide by China.

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Remembering the Barin Township Uprising 

Dr. Suraina Pasha marks the 33rd anniversary of one of the foundational atrocities carried out by the occupying Chinese government on Uyghur Muslims in early 1990.

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International Women’s Day – honouring our Uyghur mothers and sisters

In part four of this series, Islam21c’s Campaigns Co-ordinator and Stand4Uyghurs lead recounts her March 2022 Istanbul trip, while marking International Women's Day.

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China humiliated as Europe trip cancelled after Uyghur protests

US-sanctioned CCP politician, Erkin Tuniyaz, has cancelled a Europe trip, after pro-Uyghur protests took place outside the British Foreign Office.

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In memory of the 1997 Ghulja Massacre

We mark 26 years since the occupying Chinese regime unleashed a horrific attack on the Uyghurs of Ghulja, East Turkestan.

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Tale of a Uyghur mum who fled Chinese persecution in East Turkestan

In part three of a mini-series, Islam21c’s Campaigns Co-ordinator and Stand4Uyghurs lead recounts her Istanbul trip from March of 2022.

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Scholars from Muslim group condone China’s genocide after staged East Turkestan trip

Following a staged visit, China's genocide against the Uyghurs of East Turkestan has effectively been backed by the World Muslim Communities Council.

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Türkiye re-emphasises refusal to extradite Uyghurs to China

The Turkish government has again reiterated its backing to the oppressed Uyghur community.

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An Ummah-centric perspective on China–Saudi co-operation

China's leader recently visited Saudi Arabia; Dr. Suraina Pasha offers an Ummah-centric view on co-operation betwen Muslim and non-Muslim states.

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Protests spread in China after Ürümqi inferno amidst zero-Covid policy

Xi Jinping faces one of his biggest trials, after he recently began a third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.