The Uyghurs Invited Islam21c to Istanbul to Give You a Message

I wanted to wait until I got back into the country safely to write this...

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The People Declare China Guilty of Genocide

“The allegations are of the gravest human rights violations and international crimes,” said Sir Geoffrey Nice, the tribunal’s chair.

“The most difficult question I’ve ever received”

Sh Haitham al-Haddad is asked an extremely upsetting question by a Uyghur sister...

See evil change it, what’s the point?

The Uyghur Muslims specifically asked for the Muslims in the West to be their voice because of the influence we have. Listen to the powerful khutbah delivered by Ustadh Abu Anas now.

#Stand4Ughurs live stream: your questions answered

Dr Salman Butt, Subboor Ahmad and Arslan Hidayat discuss your questions and comments surrounding the special demonstration of solidarity to launch the Stand4Uyghurs campaign on 1st July 2021.

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Victory – Uyghur genocide finally acknowledged by UK parliament

British Members of Parliament declared yesterday in a vote for the first time that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims.

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10 things you can do for Uyghurs right now

"We are not in charge of the outcome," writes Dr Salman Butt, "but our main concern should be doing whatever is in our ability and our sphere of influence, so that we may have an excuse before Allāh..."