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Prince Messi in the Scandalous Bisht

One individual was dressed, while an entire non-Muslim belief system was stripped bare, as Lionel Messi was gifted the bisht.

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Six lessons from the 2022 World Cup

This year's World Cup may be over, but Abid Akhtar has six incredible gems of knowledge from the Qur’ān and Sunnah that we can all benefit from!

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Qatar stands tall against the Rotten Tree

Worldwide commentators and sporting pundits are calling this World Cup and its final as "the best one ever".

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Morocco exits the World Cup but remains in the hearts of Muslims

In reaching the semi-finals at the World Cup, Morocco has touched the hearts of millions, if not billions of Muslims.

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Morocco reconquered Spain in 2022!

In this final piece, Alim recounts various aspects of his experience at the Qatar World Cup.

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A niqābi at a football match, surely not?

Alim Hasan Islam's time at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar comes to an end, in this penultimate piece of a unique series.

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Washroom bidets… did non-Muslim tourists figure out their use?

Alim Hasan Islam is back with another diary entry from Qatar, as his journey edges closer to an end.

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Balenciaga scandal: publicity stunt or catastrophic blunder?

Qatar continues to be painted as "backwards", despite Balenciaga's infamous child pornography adverts.

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When a Sikh from Hounslow crossed paths with an Englishman in Qatar

Alim Hasan Islam continues to pen his thoughts while attending the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Ever thought of wearing a bright orange thobe?

Alim Hasan Islam pens his third diary entry while enjoying the 2022 World Cup.