“Why is Allah doing this to us?”

Editorials General Latest Ramadan 1443 Women 11 Min Read

She was just taking her little girl home from school...

“Why can’t you have two mums, Amina?”

Editorials General Latest Politics Ramadan 1443 10 Min Read

Reading between the lines of Amina’s story

“When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

Background The above question has been the subject of a lingering controversy over the last few weeks, spawning heated, emotional

“We only die once” – Turkey’s Call to Arms to protect Jerusalem

Turkey says it has been rallying together an international peacekeeping force as the world looks on in horror at the

“Vote Today; Be Kafir Tomorrow”: The Issue of Voting

 That season of jostling for space to express a view on voting has once again descended upon the population here

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News 7 Min Read

Gaza refugee camps are under attack by Israel

In addition to al-Bureij and al-Maghazi camps, airstrikes on Nuseirat camp in early June caused the deaths of at least 274.

History 11 Min Read

Cyprus’ Islamic heritage, from Sahaba to Sultans

The island of Cyprus has a treasure trove of Islamic heritage, some among Europe’s oldest, dating back as far as the Sahaba.

News 14 Min Read

Israel under soaring global pressure for Gaza ceasefire

More and more pressure is being applied on Israel to end its genocide, but what are the stumbling blocks?

Podcast 1 Min Read

The independent exposing what Labour really thinks of Muslims

Azhar Chohan is standing as a parliamentary candidate exposing what Labour thinks about Muslims and BAME communities across the UK.

Khutbah 12 Min Read

Eid al-Adha 1445 | 2024 Khutbah

What is happening around the world is a result of the moral victory of the people in Gaza and their steadfastness in the face of oppression.

Islamic Thought 1 Min Read

Why do Muslims treat prisoners better than others?

In this Islamic Thought video, Dr. Salman Butt explores a critical yet often overlooked aspect of the ongoing genocide: the treatment of prisoners.

Spirituality 13 Min Read

Thank your parents and others, even in tough times

In part three of a series on gratitude, we are urged to thank those around us, as whoever does not thank people has not thanked Allah.

Opinion 13 Min Read

Students are the vanguard of justice today

By leading anti-genocide protests for Gaza, students are sparking institutional change against oppression.

News 11 Min Read

Israel added to “list of shame” for crimes against children

Long overdue UN blacklisting of the apartheid state appears more about saving the reputation of global institutions.

Hajj 15 Min Read

The Scourge of “Hajj Sandals”

To degrade the great aims of Hajj to things like choice of sandals is to do a great and lasting injustice to the fifth pillar of Islam.

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Why are new Muslims leaving Islam?

“I don’t know if you can help me; I don’t even know where to start.

Attractive Hijabs & Shari’ah

Living in the west, the hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many

A James O’Brien masterclass in how to deal with people demanding Muslims apologise for #Charliehebdo

http://audioboom.com/boos/2784684-a-james-o-brien-masterclass-in-how-to-deal-with-people-demanding-that-muslims-apologise-for-charliehebdo/ Read today's post: In response to last night's shocking BBC Panorama by Dr Salman Butt Read

Reply from Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad to allegations made in the Daily Mail & Sunday Times newspaper

I was deeply saddened on Sunday morning to see the article in your newspaper maligning