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Ahmed Hammuda is a regular contributor at Islam21c. His interests lie in Qur'anic Tafsir and the field of Middle East Affairs and how they reflect on Muslims living in the West. He is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has been involved in various Da'wah activities over the course of his education and working life. He has transferred the same analytical approach required in engineering into a careful and measured approach in his views and positions.
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The Ugly Face of Assad in Homs

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What was perpetrated at the hands of the Assad regime in the besieged city of Homs proves that this regime is following a policy of extending the conflict for as long as is possible while manipulating the international community. After pledging to evacuate the civilians in the city and to provide a safe route for their exit, the regime seized the opportunity to detain hundreds of them. This follows the deterioration of the situation in Homs, to the extent that some of its inhabitants are surviving on cats and dogs. The regime also attacked the UN convoy that surrounded the

Syria’s Palestinians: Double-Tragedy amidst Shameful International Abandonment

13 Min Read

The Prophet (Ṣallāhu 'alayhi wa salam) said: “A woman went to Hell because of a cat which she detained. She did not feed it when she detained it, and she did not let it free to eat of the vermin of the earth.” Upon one calamity mounts another for the Palestinians in Syria. By no means has that painful memory been forgotten; marching through the hills and valleys upon the curved roads of Palestine, escaping the Zionist onslaught. Like a thick white snake that stretched into an unending horizon, Palestinians parted their homes as if they had parted from their

Egypt: Is it the Uḥud of Today?

14 Min Read

The loss of Egypt can be considered a depressing point in history for many Muslims. Indeed, as Muslims we have been agonisingly hurt by this defeat. Many of us had thought that we had made a big step towards establishing a state, based on an Islamic foundation. Our brothers and sisters in Egypt had suffered tremendously in bringing the reign of the Tāghiya, the tyrant to an end, and then voted in a man who despite the lies that were fabricated and said about him, actually embodied many attributes that we as Muslims were extremely pleased with. His appearance, for

Association of Syrian Scholars on ISIL’s Actions

9 Min Read

In the name of Allāh, most Beneficent, Most Merciful “Allāh does not like that the evil should be uttered in public except by him who has been wronged. And Allāh is ever All-Hearer, All-Knower.”   All praise is due to Allāh, the one who has sent down the Book (the Qur’ān) in truth and the Balance (i.e. to act justly), so that mankind may maintain justice. May peace and salutations be upon our leader Muḥammad, who brought glad tidings and warnings to mankind. He is the teacher of good and the caller to the way of Allāh with wisdom and

The Waged War on Islam in Egypt Part 2

17 Min Read

The ‘authorisation’ that the crook al-Sisi sought was to light a green beacon before his actions and to doom them unquestionable in light of his ‘democracy’. A more Inclusive Transition? Or a Waged War on the Majority? Classified a ‘transition’, no indication has suggested that this Egyptian ‘government’ is intending on stepping down to a civilian authority. The observer would assume that ‘a transitional government’ would still represent the Islamic-dominated electorate. Unless, of course if it was installed to achieve the opposite effect. It occurs that Hazem El Beblawi, the ‘interim’ Prime Minister is the founder of social democratic party,

The Waged War on Islam in Egypt Part 1

16 Min Read

(It was said to prophet Nuh alayhisalam) “...nor do we see any follow you but the meanest among us and they (too) followed you without thinking. And we do not see in you any merit above us, in fact we think you are liars." It is remarkable to think that since the UK declared Egypt independent in 1922 and its initial establishment as a Kingdom up to the late revolution of January 25th 2011, Egypt has only been ruled by five individuals. King Fuad was succeeded by King Farouk in 1936. The latter was militarily overthrown by Abdel Nasser in

The Syrian Struggle… An Ignored Epoch

16 Min Read

As the barbarous Alawite regime grabs at the forelock of defeat, it chooses to carry out a relentless spree of massacres against the Syrian civilian population. In what seems an attempt to obliterate every remnant of innocent life, particularly in the west coastal regions of Syria, government backed forces murder more than 150 men, women and children, some mutilated at knife point and others killed through burning. This was just a day after at least 72 were killed in nearby al-Bayda as part of the concurrent series of crimes inflicted by Al Assad’s homicidal regime while unconfirmed reports claim that

Mainstream media only now report conspiracy against Shaker Aamer

9 Min Read

The believers, men and women, are Auliya' (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another... Despite being cleared by the Americans years ago of having committed no crime, why is Shaker Aamer still in Guantanamo? Why has the British government been so wilfully hapless; preferring him to languish a victim of a terrible injustice? Although better late than never, more than 11 years were needed for the gross injustice that is being inflicted upon a British National and Muslim compatriot, Shaker Aamer to come to light in the mainstream media. The media’s decade long silence was to overlook Aamer’s initial ordeal

The Lib-Dem Dilemma

17 Min Read

The 6th of May, 2010 was to mark an end to 13 years of Labour government, reshaping the British political landscape. Despite Labour’s deplorable foreign policy, it was the international monetary collapse that it would bear the brunt of and catalyse its defeat. The media, with its tendency to overlook the systematic causation of the economic downturn, was to paint the former Chancellor Gordon Brown as the one liable. The war in Iraq, opposed by the masses but to utter Labour disregard in addition to cross-party MP expenses assisted in overshadowing all of the government’s residual integrity before surrendering to

Forming the Single-Gender Society

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