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Britain’s first ever Turkish mosque at risk of closing

Edward Rowe

Do you know about the London mosque that has links to an Ottoman princess? Masjid Ramadan in Hackney is fighting for its survival.

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Egypt: Glad Tidings of the Executions

Salem Azzam 24 Min Read

These 12 legends of today prefer death and torture to renouncing what they have declared.

National Solidarity Demo #Stand4Uyghurs

Editor 0 Min Read

Prove to them that we have not forsaken them by attending a national demonstration of solidarity during the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

People’s Review of Prevent launches independent platform as Shawcross review begins

Dr Layla Aitlhadj 4 Min Read

Prevent Watch is calling for evidence from all those who have experienced Prevent but who do not feel safe to speak about it, or who have conscientiously objected to the Shawcross review.

National Khutbah Day: #Stand4Uyghurs

Dr. Salman Butt 18 Min Read

This Friday mosques up and down the country will be talking about Uyghurs inshāAllāh - download a khutbah template and mosque announcement to do YOUR bit. Will your masjid #Stand4Uyghurs?

The Problem With “Mental Health” | Imam Abdullah Hasan on Unscripted #85

Imam Abdullah Hasan 0 Min Read

In today's Unscripted episode, Imam Abdullah Hasan talks about his mission to get Muslims to unlearn colonial psychology.

A Statement by the Scholars of the Ummah Regarding the Unjust Death Sentences in Egypt

Letters to Islam21c 7 Min Read

Scholars from many institutions and associations call upon one another to immediately clarify their positions regarding the unjust rulings and caution issued by the Egyptian judiciary to execute twelve scholars and leaders