100 Days Until Ramaḍān 1444/ 2023


Are you going to wait and react to it? Or will you prepare and hit the ground running? The preparation starts now!

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Unscripted #1 | Empathy in Conflict, with Dr Uthman Lateef

Dr. Osman Latiff 1 Min Read

In the first of this new series of i21c Unscripted podcasts, where Dr Salman Butt talks to various authors about their fields of expertise, we join Dr Uthman Lateef in his home library.

Black History Did NOT Start With Slavery

Dawuud Loka 8 Min Read

How Islam Empowered Africa #BlackHistoryMonth

The Fiqh of Socialising

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 26 Min Read

Ten tips to make the most out of your gatherings...

Burma Muslims: Past, Present and Future

Ayshah Syed 8 Min Read

Human Rights Watch confirmed that over half a million Rohingya refugees have fled Burma following mass genocide and ethnic cleansing. Recent satellite images show the devastation and destruction inflicted on tens of

The Hypocrisy of Attacking Muslim Schools for “Segregation”

Jahangir Mohammed 13 Min Read

"Are we to believe that segregation for the non-Muslim ruling class is okay but it has a negative impact on Muslim children?"

Believers, verify news!

Shaykh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi 13 Min Read

"You who have faith! If a deviator brings you a report, scrutinise it carefully..."