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What is Saudi’s Problem with Qatar?

Following Saudi Arabia and six other countries (Bahrain, Egypt, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Yemen) severing diplomatic ties with Qatar, Saudi Arabia has issued 10 demands they expect Qatar to comply with. According to Aljazeera journalist Faisal Edroos these demands are as follows:

1 – Immediate severance of diplomatic relations with Iran,

2 – Expulsion of all members of the Palestinian resistance movement ‘Hamas’ from Qatar,

3 – Freezing all bank accounts of Hamas members and refraining from any deal with them,

4 – Expulsion of all Muslim Brotherhood members from Qatar,

5 – Expulsion of anti-[P]GCC elements,

6 – Ending support for ‘terrorist organisations’,

7 – Stopping interference in Egyptian affairs,

8 – Ceasing the broadcast of the Al Jazeera news channel,

9 – Apologising to all [Persian] Gulf governments for ‘abuses’ by Al Jazeera,

10 – Pledging that it (Qatar) will not carry out any actions that contradict the policies of the [P]GCC and adhering to its charter.

The diplomatic conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar stems from the belief that Qatar supports “extremist groups” of the Islamopolitical persuasion such as Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudi Foreign Minister is quoted as having stated:

“We want to see Qatar implement the promises it made a few years back with regard to its support of extremist groups, to its hostile media and interference in affairs of other countries.”

Until this move that took Muslims by utter disbelief, the official pan-gulf stance towards Palestine was in support of Gaza and general efforts at resisting the occupation. Many have seen Qatar’s isolation as cutting off the funding arm of moderate Islamic reformist movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood, sanctioned to lead Egypt through a democratic process in five consecutive elections. The Gulf’s attempts at backing coup regimes in all of Egypt and Libya whilst strangling Gaza’s elected administration was hardly interpreted as battling ‘extremism’, as much as it is nullifying reformist movements; some seen to threaten dictatorial monarchies.

The move follows a visit by US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia in which members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) vowed to tackle ‘extremism’ and its sources of funding; which, according to Trump is ‘already paying off’.[1] Qatar hosts a number of exiled Hamas leaders, as well as scholars and activists from the Muslim Brotherhood, many of whom have been sentenced to death in absentia by Egypt’s coup regime.


[1] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/donald-trump-saudi-arabia-qatar-us-diplomatic-gulf-uae-bahrain-egypt-emirates-yemen-a7775386.html

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  1. Saudi and Qatar, which is worse?

  2. It is truly amazing to see the people whom Allah has address as the best, behaving like this. The entire Middle East is too big to devour, so Isreal has started with the breaking up of the Middle East into small fractions so it can control the entire area. Very soon the Hajj visa will be issued from Telaviv, Isreal.
    It is time for these Jokers in Saudi Arabia, who is telling the other areas of the Middle East, what to do and how to do to start organizing them self. They need to stop making Tawaf around the White House.
    Washington can’t guide its own self, yet you have Muslim nations running to Washington for Guidance.
    How Sad.

  3. Don’t see Saudi or Egypt taking the same stance against Israel which is a terrorist state. It’s shameful and Allah SWT sees everything. They are cowardly servants of the west and are facilitating the spread of Zionism accross the ME.
    They should grow some balls..

  4. Who cares? Hopefully several giant black rocks will fall again on Saudi and Quatar. Then you guys can gather them and build another shrine

  5. Abdul al Adl Abdul jabbar

    How about talking about the $400/450 billion jizyah they paid…what zil…and funding of Islamaphobia and next wars vs Islamic countries is that all about?….money that can have be used to solving and rebuilding and making nations Muslim or not stand on their own feet….for years ago and to come…..

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