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Exclusive leak to Islam21c exposes British journalism for sale

Muslim charities are collateral damage as leaked documents show a UK newspaper used for propaganda for Gulf monarchies.

Unity of Muslims: an anti-imperialist stance

Prof Ali Güneş argues that today's Muslim leaders should apply a policy of unity spearheaded by Sultan Abdul Hamid II almost a century ago

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Catastrophe in Yemen: the Elephant in the Room:

Who is paying attention to "the world's worst humanitarian crisis"?

The Heroes of Ramadān

The Ramadan of those most in need; a lesson of strength and resilience.

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Iran-backed Houthis offer Saudi princes political asylum following crackdown

Nobody saw that coming...

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Founder of world’s most popular Islamic website Sh Munajjid detained in new Saudi arrest spree

The latest in a string of arrests targeting popular religious and political figures in Saudi Arabia...

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Scholars Worldwide Condemn Arrests of Saudi Scholars

Several academic and scholarly bodies have denounced the arrests, calling upon Saudi authorities to hastily release those detained...

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Think tank funded by foreign extremists writes report on foreign extremist funding

In a move of rarely paralleled irony, the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), linked to and funded by some of the most prolific Islamophobes from overseas, has published a curious “report” against overseas funding of Muslim projects in the UK, under the infamously ambiguous pretext of “extremism”.

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What is Saudi’s Problem with Qatar?

Following Saudi Arabia and six other countries (Bahrain, Egypt, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Yemen) severing diplomatic ties with Qatar, Saudi Arabia has issued 10 demands they expect Qatar to comply with. According to Aljazeera journalist Faisal Edroos these demands are as follows: 1 - Immediate severance

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Beginning of Ramadān Announced

Islam21c can assert the beginning of Shar’I Ramadān 1438 based eye-witness testimony . The official declaration of the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be given in the coming hours The 1st day of the sacred month of Ramadān 1438 will be on Saturday, Tarawih is set to commence