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Sudan war sparks world’s biggest hunger crisis

In light of the Gaza genocide, we may have lost sight of the crisis in Sudan, but we must stay informed on both.

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UN paper by UAE and UK threatens free speech and dissent

A recent UN resolution pushed by the UAE and UK will likely erode free speech and give states carte blanche to rewrite the definitions of dissent and extremism.

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“How dare Turkey criticise UAE over Israel relations?”

Exposing hypocrisy or a fallacious question?

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Has “Back-Stabbing” the Palestinian Cause become the New Norm?

Does the formal normalisation of relations between Israel and the UAE signal a new normal?

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Exclusive leak to Islam21c exposes British journalism for sale

Muslim charities are collateral damage as leaked documents show a UK newspaper used for propaganda for Gulf monarchies.

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‘Israel’ to attend Dubai Expo 2020 after accepting UAE invitation

‘Israel’s’ participation in the global trade fair is the most recent example of its growing ties with the Gulf emirate, despite an absence of diplomatic ties.

Tariq Ibn Ziyad: Invader or Liberator?

"...the Muslims were welcomed by a large proportion of the ruling aristocracy and the Jews."

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UAE allegedly aiding Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims

UAE police said to have randomly arrested Sharjah resident working as a muazzin, in order to send the Chinese national to Xingjiang’s notorious “concentration camps” following recent strategic agreement between the two nations

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Is Gaza’s Survival Being Exploited?

Why have Arab nations that historically betrayed Gaza now shown wild interest in administering the besieged strip?

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UAE’s $5.3m anti-Qatar London conference fails to arouse interest

The London-based Centre for Public Affairs revealed that the UAE spent around $5.3m funding an anti-Qatar conference hosting notable Islamophobes...