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Fake terror attacks receive more coverage than real ones against Muslims

Editor 2 Min Read

  First the world ignored their killing. Then their bodies were "thrown into garbage" Thursday night saw one of the largest ISIS-claimed attacks in weeks, which received little news coverage—let alone hashtags

“UK must apologise for Balfour Declaration” – Important Petition

Editor 2 Min Read With the meeting of Donald Trump with Benjamin Netanyahu dominating many headlines this week, a petition has been launched for the United Kingdom to lead peace efforts in Palestine, due to

Fresh calls for charity commission to investigate Henry Jackson Society

Editor 3 Min Read

The charity commission has received fresh complaints from members of the public regarding the infamous neoconservative “thinktank” Henry Jackson Society. HJS are no strangers to Muslims and activists due to the extreme

Famous story of German new years’ sexual assault by refugees was “completely made up”

Editor 3 Min Read

As usual, once much of the damage has already been done by incendiary and sensationalist headlines about refugees' "mass sexual assaults" in Frankfurt during new year celebrations, German police have this week released the

The Fake Fatwa That Went Viral

Editor 4 Min Read

Recently an Egyptian news site published a report quoting an Azhari scholar, Khaled Al Gendy, saying “that drinking liquor without getting drunk is not sinful.” It was based on a television panel

Abandoning a two-state solution for an apartheid state

Editor 5 Min Read

Palestinians angrily warned the United States on Wednesday against abandoning a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel, after a White House official said peace did not necessarily have to entail Palestinian statehood.