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Comment: Discussing Terrorism and Jihad

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 11 Min Read

All praise belongs to Allah and blessings and peace be upon the final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We have recently seen a number of articles and lectures by various speakers

The Power of Images

Syed Haider 30 Min Read

I find myself involved with the meaning and significance of vision in our culture now – with the experience of seeing, looking and watching. I want to connect the discussion of technological

The Place of Narrative and its Importance – Part 2

Syed Haider 48 Min Read

In part one I explored the relationship between ideology, narrative, and discourse. The hypothesis forwarded there was that these modes of thought form the mediating structures by which “raw” sensations turn into

The Place of Narrative and its Importance

Syed Haider 39 Min Read

Introduction I have always claimed that how we “see” things is not an independent act but one that is mediated through structures of meaning learnt over time in the milieu of society.

Elegy for the Nation: Rise and Fall

Kyle Abdur-Raqeeb MacPhail 8 Min Read

History teaches many things. Prominently, we might say that it teaches us that nations rise and fall. When nations fall, the prime cause, if indeed causes do exist in these realms, is

Gods and Monsters of Our Own Making: Tell Me Who I Am

Syed Haider 24 Min Read

The conquering of nations, the extending of ones imperial and cultural influence is borne from an internal conviction of ones own superiority or the belief of duty to liberate, educate, or in