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[Brilliant video] 5 times France really cared about #FreedomOfSpeech

Reactions to Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo shootings have provoked a storm of sensationalist reactions from opportunists across the spectrum. At Islam21c we have been working hard to sift through the rhetoric and find reasoned analysis from all quarters – links are available below to read. Don’t forget to like, comment and share! To keep up with the latest articles on subscribe to our mailing list here

We also direct your attention to the seminal report written by Prof. Arun Kundnani since empirically-refuted connections are being made left, right and centre, between these shootings and the shooters’ incidental ideology – read the ground-breaking report that shows that Extremism does NOT cause terrorismA Decade Lost; Rethinking Radicalisation and Extremism

a decade lost

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  1. Mohammed Naseer


    Unfortunately you can point their hypocrisy out till the cows come home. As far as they are concerned as long there are defeatist/apologetic Muslims who when asked in front of the mass media to jump and they respond by saying how high, the media and politicians will use them to justify their ugly agendas. Because what matters is what the masses here over the mass media, not what individuals say in their individual capacity. It’s similar to newspapers doing front page articles that are misleading and then they print an apology contained within a small paragraph somewhere in the depths of the newspaper or well after the program has aired, the damage has already been done and is by then irreversible.


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