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BBC publicly exposes its hypocrisy with Gary Lineker debacle

The BBC's highest-paid presenter was suspended after criticising the British government. The same BBC and Lineker proudly condemned Qatar during the World Cup. Is this fair?

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Shamima Begum loses latest British citizenship appeal

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission has rejected Shamima Begum's appeal regarding the government's citizenship revocation in 2019.

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The case of the missing child asylum seekers

The government is blamed for unprecedented security breaches that have led to 200+ child asylum seekers going missing.

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200+ child refugees missing in huge Home Office scandal

Over 200 asylum-seeking children remain missing after vanishing from Home Office accommodation. Where is the outcry?

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FOSIS continues “Dismantling Islamophobia” tour despite institutional pushback

FOSIS targeted with Islamophobia as it continues "Dismantling Islamophobia" university speaker tour.

Unscripted #19 | Fried Chicken vs Knife Crime | AbdulKarim & Abdul Jaleel

Join us this week on our Unscripted podcast with two veteran youth workers, Abdul Jaleel and multi-award-winning AbdulKarim.

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#AreWeBritish? British Aid Worker’s Citizenship Removed

British Muslim aid worker Tauqir Tox Sharif has gone public to expose the racist depravation of citizenship meted out on children of immigrants to the UK

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Legal Challenge to Prevent Reaches Court of Appeals

This week will see the next significant step along the long path to holding the UK government to account for its policies against so-called “extremism”, including the toxic Prevent policy.

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The Windrush scandal is just the tip of the racist iceberg in British politics

Many of MPs lamenting the Windrush scandal supported the legislation that paved the way for it in the first place—the Immigration Act 2014

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Podcast – Was the government caught deceiving Muslims?

https://soundcloud.com/islam21c/podcast-was-the-government-caught-deceiving-muslims Why did the government go to such great lengths to cover up its covert funding of some "independent Muslim organisations"? Click above to listen to the latest podcast with your host Dr Salman Butt, and hear what Ibrahim Mohamoud (CAGE), Asim Qureshi (CAGE), Dr Ben Hayes, Prof Arun Kundnani