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Uyghur academic sentenced to life in Chinese custody

Professor Rahile Dawut's unjust imprisonment exposes China's abuse of the Uyghur people once again.

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Xi Jinping continues downward spiral to dictatorship

Xi Jinping pushes ahead in dictatorial fashion as Uyghurs continue to endure oppression.

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Ayaan Institute paper urges global Muslim minority co-operation

A new report by the Ayaan Institute urges world Muslim minority groups to focus on unity.

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Muslim Governments Are Aiding & Abetting Oppression

Muslim Governments support China’s Human Rights violations against the Uyghurs

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The UN has confirmed China’s war on Islam – how long will the Islamic world remain silent?

Uyghur leader Abdulhakim Idris says the conscience of the Islamic nation worldwide continues to bleed with the Uyghur Genocide, but how long will its leaders stay silent?

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UN Report Recognises China’s “Human Rights Violations” against Uyghurs

The UN accuses China of “serious human rights violations” in recent report looking into allegations of abuse in “Xinjiang province”.

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China introduces decree to make Islam compatible with socialism 

The new law is part of a wider crackdown on Muslims and Islamic traditions in China…

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Uyghur Muslim prisons run like ‘concentration camps’ Amnesty says 

Over 1 million Uyghurs are being held by Chinese authorities in ‘re-education camps’

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UAE allegedly aiding Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims

UAE police said to have randomly arrested Sharjah resident working as a muazzin, in order to send the Chinese national to Xingjiang’s notorious “concentration camps” following recent strategic agreement between the two nations

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UN expresses “alarm” over China’s detention of Muslims in Xinjiang

Reports that upwards of one million held indefinitely in re-education camps in China “for even non-threatening expressions of Muslim ethno-religious culture like daily greetings”