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243 academics complain of “outrageous interferences with free expression” at universities

A letter sent to the Guardian yesterday signed by 243 academics has complained of what the signatories call “outrageous interferences with free expression” at universities. It refers to the government’s attempt to “silence campus discussion about Israel” in the wake of minister Jo Johnson writing to Universities UK expressing concern

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Why the world needs to remember Sir Gerald Kaufman

Britain’s oldest serving MP, Labour’s Sir Gerald Kaufman, died last night at the age of 86. Kaufman was distinguished due to the fact that he was both Jewish and an outspoken critic of the criminality of the state of “Israel”. He was born in Britain to Polish Jewish immigrants and

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Silencing Pro-Palestinian Voices in Universities

In 2003, a motion to twin Preston with the city of Nablus was tabled and debated by Preston City Council.  It was a motion which was proposed by a good friend of mine, Councillor Michael Lavalette.  It was one of the most tense and lively debates that I ever had

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New anti-Semitism definition + Prevent training = Palestine talk banned at university

New antisemitism definition has been used as a reason to prohibit a Palestinian rights talk at a UK university Vocal support for Palestine. Opposition to Israeli settlements in Gaza. Criticisms of wars in the Middle East. These are just some of a list of views that “may be regarded as

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“UK must apologise for Balfour Declaration” – Important Petition

https://youtu.be/vZGs7ZZgvgE With the meeting of Donald Trump with Benjamin Netanyahu dominating many headlines this week, a petition has been launched for the United Kingdom to lead peace efforts in Palestine, due to its historical role in the catastrophe and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine. It comes 100 years after

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Looking Back to Move Forward

Scroll down to see an interactive timeline of articles on history over the last twelve months. “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” ― Winston Churchill Whilst aspects of history are important to be learnt by all peoples, those that have been subjected to a

The Story of the Ummah’s Struggles. In Tweets

Concise principles to understand the crises the Ummah is going through If we understand the role that Allāh سبحانه وتعالى has created for the Ummah of Muhammad (sallAllāhu ‘alayhi wasallam), it will totally transform how we approach and react to the crises and conflicts that befall the Ummah. When Allāh and

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Are Refugees More Welcome in Churches than Mosques?

Refugees welcome here! The Guardian newspaper recently ran a story about the Reverend Sally Smith, a vicar from Stoke-on-Trent, hailing her as a present-day Good Samaritan. The vicar is indeed worthy of such praise as she has wholeheartedly welcomed refugees into her parish and into the Christian community. She has

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Hundreds storm Al-Aqsa Masjid

On the 14th of August, over 1,000 Zionists converged in occupied Jerusalem and around 400 of them stormed Masjid Al-Aqsa under the protection of armed Israeli soldiers. The raid coincided with the Jewish occasion of Tisha B'Av, which is believed to mark the destruction of the second Jewish temple in

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Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva

Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva Click to read Fatwa in English İsrailliler tarım ürünlerinde dünyanın en büyük ihracatçıları arasında yer almaktadır. WhoProfits Araştırma Merkezi tarafından yayınlanan bir rapora göre, 2011 yılında yetiştirilmiş olan hurmaların 40% ı, 265 milyon dolar kâr ile ihraç edilmektedir. Çoğu hurma bahçeleri Ürdün’ün