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Palestinian Hunger Strike Enters 21st Day

Today is the 21st day that some 1500 Palestinians detained in Israeli jails have been on hunger strike. According to the media committee set up by 'Idraab al-Karaamah' or the 'Strike of Dignity', no correspondence has taken place between the detainees and the prison's administration, with many of the prisoners

St George: more like a “radical Islamist” than an English nationalist!

In a delightful irony, if he were alive today the far right groups in the UK venerating him as a saint would reject him, call him a foreigner, and tell him to go back to his own country...

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Why the world needs to remember Sir Gerald Kaufman

Britain’s oldest serving MP, Labour’s Sir Gerald Kaufman, died last night at the age of 86. Kaufman was distinguished due to the fact that he was both Jewish and an outspoken critic of the criminality of the state of “Israel”. He was born in Britain to Polish Jewish immigrants and

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Silencing Pro-Palestinian Voices in Universities

In 2003, a motion to twin Preston with the city of Nablus was tabled and debated by Preston City Council.  It was a motion which was proposed by a good friend of mine, Councillor Michael Lavalette.  It was one of the most tense and lively debates that I ever had

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New anti-Semitism definition + Prevent training = Palestine talk banned at university

New antisemitism definition has been used as a reason to prohibit a Palestinian rights talk at a UK university Vocal support for Palestine. Opposition to Israeli settlements in Gaza. Criticisms of wars in the Middle East. These are just some of a list of views that “may be regarded as

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Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva

Israil hurmaları ve tarım ile ilgili verilen fetva Click to read Fatwa in English İsrailliler tarım ürünlerinde dünyanın en büyük ihracatçıları arasında yer almaktadır. WhoProfits Araştırma Merkezi tarafından yayınlanan bir rapora göre, 2011 yılında yetiştirilmiş olan hurmaların 40% ı, 265 milyon dolar kâr ile ihraç edilmektedir. Çoğu hurma bahçeleri Ürdün’ün

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Fatwa op Israëlische Dadels en Landbouwproducten

Fatwa op Israëlische Dadels en Landbouwproducten Click to read Fatwa in English Israëliërs behoren tot ‘s werelds grootste exporteurs van landbouwproducten. Volgens een verslag van het WhoProfits Research Center, is 40% van de dadels die zij hebben geteeld in 2011, geëxporteerd met een winst van $265.000.000. De meeste dadel bosjes

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Fatwa: Es ist haram ‘israelische’ Datteln zu kaufen und zu verkaufen

Eine Fatwa über das kaufen und verkaufen von israelischen Datteln und anderen landwirtschaftlichen Produktionen Click to read Fatwa in English Israel ist einer der größten Exporteure von landwirtschaftlichen Produkten. Laut einem Bericht des WhoProfits Research Centers wurden 40% der Datteln, die sie in 2011 geerntet hatten, mit einem Gewinn von 265 Millionen $

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The Politics of Anti-Semitism

It has been incredible to watch how swiftly the government, the mainstream media and dissidents within the Labour party have exploited comments made by a handful of politicians to try and undermine the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn with allegations that there is a problem of anti-Semitism within the party. It

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When nations perished for harming Muslim women

Sister Hadeel - How many more murdered will it take? On 22 September 2015, a teenage Palestinian Muslimah, Hadeel al-Hashlamun (rahimahallāh) who was 18 years of age, was targeted and unlawfully executed by Israeli troops in the illegally occupied Hebron, West Bank. Whilst we all viewed images, footage and remembered