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Egyptian cartoonist detained after releasing animation in support of 25 January Revolution

Shaheer Choudhury 4 Min Read

An Egyptian animation artist and dentist has been arrested by authorities after being accused of spreading false information and allegedly misusing social media.

Saudi-Qatar diplomatic dispute nears resolution

Shaheer Choudhury 5 Min Read

“We hope that this progress can lead to a final agreement which looks in reach, and I can say that I am somewhat optimistic that we are close to finalising an agreement

Abdullah Morsi: ‘Credible’ information suggests Morsi’s son was ‘killed with lethal substance’

Hamza Saleem 6 Min Read

“It is quite clear that certain elements of the state were aware of this fact that is only now coming to light.”

Dr Mohamed Mashally: Tributes paid for Egypt’s ‘Doctor of the Poor’

Hamza Saleem 8 Min Read

Egyptian Dr Mohamed Mashally - widely known as ‘Doctor of the Poor’ - has returned to his Lord at the age of 76 after a lifetime of treating his patients free of

Egypt: At least 14 people dead as COVID-19 spreads in Egyptian dungeons

Sana Mahmood 3 Min Read

At least 14 prisoners and detainees have died from likely COVID-19 complications after uncontrolled outbreaks of the disease at Egyptian prisons and detention centres, according to a report published by Human Rights

COVID-19: Egypt arrests doctors in attempt to suppress any criticism

Sana Mahmood 6 Min Read

“Every day I go to work, I sacrifice myself and my whole family, then they arrest my colleagues to send us a message. I see no light on the horizon.”