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When moments like the Hagia Sophia come

When world news overflows with negativity around Islam and Muslims, it is even more important to pause and embrace the moments of celebration.

Hagia Sophia: What Western news isn’t telling you | Dr Yakoob Ahmed | Unscripted #55

On the grand reopening of Masjid Aya Sophia, Ottoman historian Dr Yakoob Ahmed discusses the history and broader Eurocentric discourses surrounding the Hagia Sophia, Islamic history and conquest.

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‘War on Kurds’ Myth Debunked – Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring

Inconvenient facts for those manufacturing the Turk vs Kurd or Arab vs Kurd false binaries

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Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring: call it repatriation

As the world turns its fire on Turkey, it is told you were damned for backing Syria's revolutionaries, damned for fighting terror, damned for embracing four million refugees and damned for seeking to repatriate them.

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Tackling Global Islamophobia

Is Imran Khan’s UN Speech a Turning Point?

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Three Important Things Turkish Elections Prove Every Time

While many of us in the UK only realise there’s a local election when rummaging through our take-away menus, Turkey’s local democracy teaches us all a lesson.

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Hagia Sophia to be called a mosque, says Erdogan

Tourists will visit “Hagia Sophia not as a museum but as a mosque” says Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Turkish President Erdogan calls on Muslims to Unite

“No one has the right to narrow the boundaries of brotherhood in Islam, drawn by our Lord and our Prophet”

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Calls for ceasefire in Idlib, ahead of potential “bloodbath”

President Erdogan: “Any attack launched or to be launched on Idlib will result in a disaster, massacre and a very big humanitarian tragedy”

Trump’s economic attack on Turkey has only sparked mass support from Muslims

“But they plot, and Allāh plans. And Allāh is the best of planners.”