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The CTS bill is now law, but ‘the battle is not over.’

It must be a sign of the times that as we mark 800 years of Magna Carta we expect a law that will tear it to shreds to pass through parliament largely unscathed. A community campaign was launched to #StopTheBill, a piece of legislation that will have a wide reaching

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Owen Jones BBC Radio 5 Live Interview on Cathy Newman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiyqEqJnx8o   An excellent 5 minute interview on BBC Radio 5 with Owen Jones about Channel 4's Cathy Newman, who finally made the apology we and many other organisations and activists pressured her to make  (see ''The Woman who cried Wolf'' https://www.islam21c.com/politics/the-woman-who-cried-wolf/). Unfortunately she didn't admit to lying in her

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#ChapelHillShooting: The Media Complicity in the Murder of Muslim Student

#ChapelHillShooting: The Media Complicity in the Murder of Muslim Student #MuslimLivesMatter In North Carolina, US, on the 10th of February 2015, three young Muslim students were shot by their white, atheist neighbour, Craig Stephen Hicks, in the head. The killings are symptoms of the tenebrific propaganda which has been relentlessly

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The Woman who cried wolf

Cathy Newman is slammed on social media as #FictionOn4 trends Pictures speak volumes. In Cathy Newman’s case, images from a mosque CCTV camera also spoke volumes, they exposed her as a liar, writes Dilly Hussain. The senior Channel 4 reporter’s claims that she was “ushered out of the door” when

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Selma: An Islamic Narrative on Martin Luther King

“…the cup of endurance runs over, and the human personality cries out, 'I can take it no longer”. Many will be aware that a film has recently been released entitled ‘Selma’ which is based on the life and times of Dr Martin Luther King. No doubt, most will be aware

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French child-snatchers target Muslim children

French child-snatchers target Muslim children of a French Muslim couple. Their five children wer taken away from them after the father was apparently mistakenly suspected of leaving for Syria to fight jihād. The French authorities, which are on high alert following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, took the children

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MLK: I have a dream…to be an extremist

Before discussing Dr Martin Luther King Jr., there are a number of matters I wish to raise. Some of what I am about to say may come across as a little radical, even extreme. I would also hope that you read the entirety of what follows before passing judgment. With

#StopTheBill Khutbah Campaign

Jumuʿah Khutbah template related to the Counter Terrorism Bill [Note; For more detailed information on #StoptheBill visit www.stopthebill.co.uk . The PDF version of this khutbah can be downloaded and printed of by clicking here] Almighty Allāh mentions in the Holy Qur’ān: “Had Allāh not been repelling some people by means

A Quick Guide to the Proposed CTS Bill

A Quick Guide to the  Proposed Counter Terrorism & Security Bill - GUIDANCE DOCUMENT taken from the newly launched site www.stopthebill.co.uk The new bill makes the following proposals: 1.    Seizure of passports from persons suspected of involvement in terrorism – The Bill proposes granting powers to police and border

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Brilliant Take Down Of Islamophobic Arguments by Asghar Bukhari