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Don’t blame Israel for killing children, it’s not their fault.

A unified western media wave has been declaring to the public that somehow it is Hamas who is to blame for Israel’s targeted killing of civilians

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World in Frenzy Over ~13,000th US Airstrike in Syria

Has the US had a moral awakening as a force for good in Syria?

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America sees its 18th school shooting so far in 2018 – not “terrorism”?

Some are asking why the word "terrorism" is not used to describe widespread mass shootings like that in Florida yesterday...

Be Inspired by this Jerusalem Prophecy

Z A Rahman weaves together the past, present and future of al-Quds (Jerusalem)

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Jerusalem Fiasco: a Wake-up Call for an Ummah in Slumber

Change is coming for Jerusalem, inshā'Allāh...

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Ilan Pappé on Trump’s announcement

The renowned Israeli historian, Prof Ilan Pappé, writes in his first article for Islam21c that Trump’s Jerusalem announcement has set off a chain reaction of events that could finally lead to a positive outcome for Palestinians...

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Tackling institutional Islamophobia needs to go beyond mere verbosity

It was interesting to note the distinguished speakers stressing the importance of stamping out anti-Muslim hatred in our society at the inauguration of the Islamophobia Awareness Month at the House of Commons earlier this month, organised annually by MEND, despite unsuccessful attempts by vested interests to discourage participation. Among the

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Further divisions in the White House

It has only been 7 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States of America, but, the controversies surrounding him and his administration have not ceased to attract negative attention worldwide and the mainstream media. Having lost many of those who supported him and those

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Trump removes Islamophobe Steve Bannon from White House

Steve Bannon, US president Donald Trump’s chief strategist and Islamophobic conspiracy theorist, has been fired seven months after his appointment...

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Donald Trump faces criticism after #Charlottesville attack

The 'mainstream' political and media reactions have been characteristically mute compared to similar attacks committed by non-white suspects...